What if you could see how you learn?

Get to the heart of what learning really is – building knowledge through challenges. See the learning process, take charge, learn better together!

Teachers as designers for rich, directed experiences across mediums

Student agency and growth as overarching goals

Meet the learners where they are

Learning how to learn how to learn

The classroom as an organic life community

Learning as a process

Hi-flier offers a revolutionary dynamic learning environment that goes to the heart of learning. Each lesson or assignment is mapped to what we call a Mission, a simple goal-oriented plan, with start and finish and steps on the way, that teachers enrich with instructions, roles, materials for a great experience, and students pick up and drive to the finish: 

  • Teachers focus on capturing their experience as needed for each course, which they can use as templates over and over (as empty or rich as they want)
  • Students pick up these outlines and drive to completion on their terms
  • For the first time, support for the student-teacher interaction in a structured, Mission-driven way

Teachers as learning experience designers and coaches

The first part is determining the overall goal, the steps (motions) on the way, and the expected timing. Obviously, there is much leeway here, a lesson can mean this is one session, a longer-term assignment could be weeks. Hi-flier allows to right-size to the specific course

The second part is determining the materials for the Mission, and then drag & dropping them into the specific motion where they are required.

Each motion then has the motion header, instructions and people in the right roles. Once done for all motions, the Mission (assignment/lesson) is fully defined and can be started. Then step back.

Once the students are going, your role changes to mentor or coach: Stay involved as the students pick up your process and inputs and build on them.

Over time, repeat and improve. Your style, your know-how is in those Mission templates, it only takes seconds to replicate again and again. Keep improving, share to help others

College projects are mission-driven, require accountability, and need to demonstrate achievement. I teach with Missions in mind.

John Dahlgren

Technical Educator and Trainer

The students take charge

They love to ‘break the hierarchy’, with Hi-flier Missions they can. Per motion, how to use individual strengths in the group, how each one and the content should come together. Adding their own content, working together with others.

Drive for completion. Fulfill your Missions, enjoy marking off steps on the way, get the help you need, learn easier and faster, together!

Show off your learning journey and new confidence any time. Each completed Mission is yours to keep as a record, especially also of how you could be resourceful, show leadership skills and grow

Why we are so passionate about this – and think that you should be too. Learning as a process reflects the insights of humanistic education

We’ve seen kids and students struggle too long with our top-down school system, where they are mostly passive recipients of knowledge, and teachers or professors are mostly reduced to providing learning logistics. The pandemic and online learning have shown how traditional Learning Management falls far short, as it does not go to the heart of the actual learning.

The below table shows a comparison for Learning as a process, including some of the humanistic psychology foundations.

Learning Management Learning as a Process
Philosophy Authoritarian, closed Collaborative, trust-based, open
View of students Have little intrinsic motivation to learn and therefore must be controlled and given external rewards to reach their goals Have the potential for self-motivation, enjoy taking ownership of their work, seek responsibility, and are capable of solving problems creatively
Psychology Repetition leads to assimilation

Possibility development: help students imagine possibilities for a better place for themselves and others, targeting various aspects of agency, including attitudes toward learning, engagement, and having an ‘authentic voice,’ in which students feel they are making choices with real impact on their desired future

Synergistic: holistically structured and functioning for mutual benefit of the individual and the larger group


Lost academic year 2020/21 with pandemic, confidence down

Setting for lowest common denominator

60% less likely to repeat, greater academic initiative, improved test scores

Fewer absences & misbehavior, lower measures of depression

Preparing for life: “Getting straight A’s requires conformity. Having an influential career demands originality.” -Adam Grand

Signifigantly quoted from Scott B. Kaufman, Transcend, 2020

It’s not a new topic–but to be able to provide software support for learning as a process is–which now allows us to bring these benefits to millions of learners.