Processes to power the 21st century

Hi-flier is the visual interface breakthrough to make processes effortless and to bring the power-of-process to all of us. It finally allows us to visualize everyday challenges to apply our strengths, be creative, get organized and get to the finish.

How Hi-flier is new and years ahead of other products

  • Visual and with that 4X more powerful for us than text– that’s just who we are
  • Mission view and powerful semantics for 10X effectiveness in interactions, allowing for design-thinking, trial and error, continuous improvement
  • Game-like experience to overcome challenges – what learning and business are all about
  • Starts and ends with you: your goals, your strengths, your processes, your success

Started in Silicon Valley, loved around the world

“We’re setting the smart, ambitious, doers of the world free so they can do more, inspire more and invent more for the rest of us. We’re helping anyone get together to make happen what they care about most. Let’s do this!”

Tim Bussiek

Founder and CEO

“In essence, design humanizes technology and helps .. appeal to the human spirit. [It] enables [us] to invent and project innovative concepts that enhance human interactions and experiences.”

Hartmut Esslinger

Industrial Design Legend

Open AND trustworthy

Hi-flier is built to be as open as the internet. It leverages the business networks and document storage you already use and links to any resource you need.

Yet even with all the flexibility, it also keeps track and can serve as a new and essential system of record, with a Mission logbook of actions and optional Blockchain verification.

Domain expertise to get to value faster and go further

You’re set up for success with our Frequent Hi-fliers’ industry-specific process expertise and templates. Because Hi-flier can take you deep into what makes your business tick, how you can get unstuck, and take the next steps toward leadership.

Business ops requirements

ProContext is using advanced user research methods to turn informal business processes and hidden practices into Mission templates.

Best of Silicon Valley and McKinsey

Apply Simplicity tools to develop impactful strategies, processes & apps to optimize their effectiveness & efficiency.

Conceive it. Believe it. Achieve it.

Helping you achieve what seems impossible, but is merely difficult, especially for leadership & management consulting, keynotes & workshops, tools & templates, and Scrappy Books.

Blockchain verification

CryptoWerk is leveraging the distributed power of Blockchain to seal, verify and exchange trusted data worldwide, at scale.

Legal process

UpLevel Ops is helping law firms and legal professionals improve the way they work with technology systems.

About us: Making processes effortless for everyone

We believe in the power of our own ingenuity. We’re on a mission to let people use their process genius in learning and business so that anyone can become great at tackling challenges, taking the lead, and winning!

We’re a highly diverse team of curious people working hard to change the world with human intelligence technology focused on a goal-oriented visual process environment, core Mission semantics, being inclusive, and bringing out individual strengths.

We’re drawing from our passion for consumer apps and experience with the complexity and constraints of enterprise software to build a completely new and very valuable Business-as-a-process movement beyond the status quo.

HQ in Silicon Valley, CA

Built in the USA, loved around the world

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We’re a Green New Deal company!

We strongly believe in and support the change needed to address the climate crisis. We’re doing our part by making distributed business more effective, reducing the need for travel.

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