How using Hi-flier is different

Next-gen success for students and teachers with process-based learning

Your process genius!

The first app to use your process genius to organize others and accomplish your goals, every time.

A revolutionary new process environment where goals turn into Missions

Quickly line up basic business motions—such as review, approve, sign and pay—into Missions, then assign people, dates, and documents, and launch into action.

Apply your process genius

Motions are your building blocks, made to arrange the way you want. They stretch to fit your goal and how it’s best accomplished. It’s real-time success hacking!

Do business without pushing

People get reminders when actions are due, so you can focus on other things. Check the status of Missions in your dashboard and add motions, reassign roles, or modify dates as needed.

Keep repeating your success

We let everyone know when the Mission is completed so you can celebrate. For recurring Missions, simply create a template from the last one and assign new people and dates.

Your genius in action

Effortless processes let you increase the probability of achieving a goal from 10 to 95%, with specific accountability and personal commitments.

  • Learning—from research to new insights and innovative solutions
  • Making a deal—from proposals and presentations to contracts and signatures
  • Finalizing marketing assets—from creative brief to technical spec and beyond
  • Getting a funding proposal approved—from detailed worksheet to spending plan
  • Managing a legal case—from discovery to settlement
  • Performing due diligence —very exact and transparent from start to finish
  • And anything else you can think of…
Imagine you are creating a great new brand for a client...

…which is all about the challenge, people, and process.

Normally, you’d try to explain “the how” in a static Word document, then spend days writing emails and texts, trying to get all the different parties to do their part. With Hi-flier you propose your services showing why you are so good and will be on time with a high-level process for all to see. Then, using everyone’s innate process skills, you come together on an immediately actionable savings cycle and achieve 10X more effective interactions – and a much better new brand.

Why Hi-flier?

Take off with a high-level plan to get you to your destination

Get Missions going in seconds

Define the goal. Have one clear plan for all. One location for communication, action, and status.

With structure, you’re in control, fast

Choose from the 12 possible motions as you need, in the order you want, they are the magic sauce. Each contains everything that is needed for ‘gather’, ‘create’, ‘review‘ etc. Build from scratch, repeat a Mission you’ve captured, or use one of the Hi-flier starters.

Invite anyone

No need for a team or channel, invite anyone to join in to do their part per motion—they see the instructions, their roles, any documents, can make relevant comments, and complete actions.

See who’s doing what

No more status meetings! Missions are visual, everyone sees their status at a glance. Things will come up, problems, roadblocks – trial and error! Make changes as needed on the way, add in further necessary people of resources. The activity log records every action, and metrics show you your progress.

Celebrate together

Achievements are recognized along the way, and completion is celebrated by everyone. Develop trust, grow your reputation, and build confidence in your ability to achieve things together.

Achieve your goals in flight mode

You’re at the center of a successful network. Build trust and achieve more by using Missions to visualize your process, demonstrate the plan, and stay aligned on expectations.

Independant Consultants

I use it to onboard new clients and keep projects on track, it’s become a key part of how I engage. My clients love the new transparency and forward motion they get, with way less emails or friction.

Gig Services

“Clients love the structure we give them, showing how we’ll be fast and successful together.  We love re-creating Missions in less than 1 minute for more that we can accomplish, completing more business and saving hours of our usual coordination effort.”

Business Development

“So many of our partners, when we manage to win together on sometimes really tough Missions, like big events or deals, leave a happy comment or review. We feel we’ve built a system that brings us much closer together, with an emotional connection and much better trust.”


“The motions made the steps and milestones of our assignments more clear – so that we could struggle together how to come up with the best possible result, because it was visual and each of us knew their role.”


“I started on a board of directors and within minutes knew exactly what was expected of me—what to sign, learn, and do—and what other people were doing. I felt like I’d been on the board for months because all the processes were on there.”


“My firm gets paid when we settle a case so the more time we spend in paperwork, the less money we make. Getting junior clerks up-to-speed on day one means we can take on more cases.”

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The Fun History of Hi-flying!

Once upon a time, there was a tribe of 42 (why 42 you ask? Something galactic!), living out of a cave. By this time human beings had been sheltering in caves for about 190,000 years without much change. One clear and warm night, one of the tribe, Sally Smart (no-one could remember how they came up with her name, but this tribe sure loved giving people and things names) thought she saw something in the sky flying hi, and she was …


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