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In these days of remote work and business, people are asking…

How do I engage people for action?

We’ll talk about how to create:

  • an inspiring Mission or goal
  • a timeline with steps along the way
  • assigning clear RACI roles (responsible, accountable, consulted/informed)

How do I motivate people in a human way?

We’ll share ideas for how to:

  • give immediate feedback
  • get instant gratification
  • celebrate success and build trust

Sessions to date:

Format: 60-minute interactive Zoom workshop with polling and breakouts. All times in Pacific.

Tue, Sept. 22nd

10am PDT

Students and teachers

Developing knowledge or skills with others

Sept. 22nd with John Dahlgren

John Dahlgren is a teacher, trainer and facilitator with over 30 years of manufacturing, construction and small business experience and has been in service to industry and education for over 20 years. John Dahlgren brings his experience, strength and knowledge into communities of practice creating a professional atmosphere based on mutual respect, mutual trust and mutual benefit. John is often expressing to his students: “The technical world cannot be memorized, and it is my job to help you learn how to learn how to find information, source information and collect information so it can be retrieved and referenced effectively.” John’s philosophy of teaching is to bring his experience, strength and knowledge into the classroom and create a professional atmosphere based on mutual respect, mutual trust and mutual benefit providing the student with as much a real-world setting as can be offered in a classroom.

Tue, Sept. 8th

10am PDT


Doing business remotely with others

Sept. 8th with Kimberly Wiefling

Kimberly Wiefling has extensive experience in the R&D and manufacturing of complex systems of hardware, software, firmware, chemistry and physics. She’s held leadership positions ranging from NPI Program Manager to VP of Program Management & Organizational Effectiveness for a Xerox Parc spinoff, and has helped companies from startups to Global 1000 successfully grow and – more importantly – SCALE. She enables leaders to avoid or fix the most common causes of failure in global teams, problems that damage or destroy companies, along with billions in shareholder value. A physicist by education, she has found that many of these are “human” problems that don’t require “rocket science”. All that’s required to achieve significant positive impact in many cases is to make common sense into common PRACTICE.

Tue, Aug. 25th

10am PDT


Delivering great new results together with the client

Aug. 25th with Angelique Little

Angelique Little is an actress-turned-creative-strategist who has been working in various ways to engage audiences and make connections for 20 years. Obsessed with putting herself in the audience’s shoes, she’s written and directed films, created winning brand strategies, and built creative teams. Her professional experience includes work as a UX Content Strategist at Facebook, Chegg, and Dropbox, as well as over 7 as a consultant developing brand and content strategies for small businesses, non-profits, and agencies.

Tue, Aug. 11th

10am PDT

Independent consultants

Coming together online to achieve more, better

Aug. 11th with Peter Eckart

Peter Eckart is a rocket-scientist-turned-McKinsey-consultant-turned-senior-executive. He has been reporting into or advising CxO-level management for over 20 years. Being passionate about simplicity and creating impact, his expertise covers a broad set of functions (e.g., business strategy, product development, marketing & sales) across numerous sectors (e.g., High-Tech, eCommerce, Aerospace) and geographies (US, Europe, Middle East). He has worked for numerous Fortune 100 and DAX 30 corporations, a unicorn startup, a major family business as well as government.

Peter founded the Simplifier network ( to highlight the potential power of simplicity across all aspects of virtually any business. He recently published the book Simplicity for Success in Business – Essentials

Thu, Jul. 30th

10am PDT


Doing business remotely with others

July 30th with Tim Bussiek

Tim has spent over 20 years in consumer tech and enterprise software, holding executive positions as CEO and leading marketing and product areas for companies including SAP, Saama, fluid Operations (now Veritas), Engage3 and Hi-flier. He is a key driver and visionary in Silicon Valley’s evolution of e-commerce, service-oriented architectures, cloud management, and big data and analytics. Tim is proud to currently lead and grow Hi-flier, which provides a coordination app designed for human beings, helping them get to their real potential – especially for those of us wanting to go beyond the status quo.

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